🟒 Return 🚦


Athletes who have been provided with a Medical Clearance Letter may return to full sport activities as tolerated. If the athlete experiences any new concussion-like symptoms while returning to play, they should be instructed to stop playing immediately, notify their parents, coaches, trainer or teachers, and undergo follow up Medical Assessment. In the event that the athlete sustains a new suspected concussion, the BASKETBALL MANITOBA YOUTH CONCUSSION PROTOCOL should be followed as outlined.

Athletes who are diagnosed with a concussion should be managed according to the Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport including the Return-to-School and Return-to-Sport Strategies. No athlete that has been diagnosed and is being treated for a concussion can be β€œreturned to play” without presenting this signed Medical Clearance Letter to their head coach.


⚠️A coach receiving this signed document from one of their players should keep on file in a secure location for the duration of the basketball season as it may need referencing at a later date. When no longer needed, all private data should be securly shredded.